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Wyman Park Drive Bike Box

July 21st, 2010 | Categories: Infrastructure | 8 comments

Wyman Park Intersection – Before

I’ve received many complaints about the “pocket” bike lane at the intersection of Wyman Park Drive, Sission Street and Keswick Ave (see above).  While the lane was a good experiment to get cyclists away from right-turning vehicles, it created a mid-intersection conflict zone for cyclists & cars going straight.

Wyman Park Intersection – After

The recent repaving of Wyman Park Drive is an opportunity to improve the intersection.  Instead of a pocket lane, we’ll install the city’s first bike box!  Here, cyclists will still have the ability to avoid right turning vehicles, while moving to the front of the line.  With the bike box, cyclists will have the ability to access the sidepath, proceed straight through the intersection onto Wyman Park, or turn left onto Keswick Ave.  A lane for each turning direction will be created adding clairy for drivers.

Look for the city’s first bike box within the coming months!

  • commuter-x

    This is great! I wonder if Baltimore drivers will understand what a bike box is, though. Perhaps a public awareness campaign is in order.

  • Isaias

    A public awareness campaign, as well as making it into driver's education classes and the driver's test are always a good thing, but few and far between. At least, we did have some of it via MTA buses in near past.

  • Allan

    It's great to see the city experimenting with these innovations in road engineering. That always was a tricky intersection for bikes.

  • Jed Weeks

    Can you please please make it green?

  • Nate Evans

    We're starting with a “STOP HERE FOR SIGNAL” sign for cars. This will be installed when the pavement markings are put down.

    The next step I see is a “DON”T BLOCK THE BOX” sign

    After that, we'll use education tools that other cities like Tuscon have developed.

  • Nate Evans

    I'm working on it, Jed. It only works if its green!

  • Nate Evans

    I completely agree, Isaias. Apparently, getting the driver's education classes and the driver's test updated requires an Act of God….or at least the General Assembly. This would be a good item to have on the 2011 Legislative agenda

  • Jed Weeks




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