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Wyman Park Bike Box Goes Green

September 26th, 2011 | Categories: Infrastructure | 1 comment

The "greening" of the Wyman Park Bike Box helps motorists be more aware of the cyclists only zone during a red signal phase

The bike box at the intersection of Wyman Park Drive, Keswick Avenue & Sission St underwent a change last week.  The long awaited “greening” took place which makes the cyclists area more obvious.  The concept of the bike box helps give cyclists a lead at intersections, making the presence of cyclists more obvious thus reducing conflicts. The green epoxy used maintains fricition with tires even when wet.

This sign needs to be located at the first stop bar for motorists. It does NOT give cyclists permission to ignore red lights

This bike box on Wyman Park Drive replaced a pocket bike lane situated between a through lane and a left turn lane.  While this helped give cyclists a position at the stop bar, it created a mid-intersection conflict area where both cyclists and motorists proceeded straight through the intersection.  Now left turning and through bike traffic have an advance ‘go’ through the intersection, while right turning vehicles (and bikes) now have a right turn lane.

Cyclists travelling east on Wyman Park Drive towards Keswick Ave from either the Jones Falls Trail or Druid Park are encouraged to use the bike lane leading toward the intersection.  If proceeding through the intersection, position your bike towards the right of the bike box.  Do not use the right turn lane or run the red light.  For cyclists travelling north on Keswick, position your bike towards the left of the bike box and proceed through the intersection once the light turns green.

Approaching the bike box from the east


  • blackeye

    Nice! Now if we can just convince Maryland to adopt the Idaho “Stop as Yield” provision we’ll really be cooking with gas.



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