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Womens’ Cycling Fashion

September 23rd, 2011 | Categories: People | 1 comment

by Renee Samuels

A second outfit that I like using the same bubble skirt pattern -- this time in navy blue.

My cycling wardrobe staple is a skirt. They are so comfortable and easy to wear when biking. My favorite two I made using an easy wash, stretchy polyester blend. Bubble skirts and patterns are easily and widely available.

I also like to use supplex, a technical wicking fabric, to make my tops. These keep me dry when biking and allow for some fun color combinations.

The bubble skirt is also great because inside there is a length of elastic that prevents the skirt from riding up or blowing up on a downhill slope. When I do wear other skirt though, I will wear bike shorts under them — just in case.

People often marvel when they see me biking in ‘regular’ clothes. But, with a few adjustments and accommodations I can go from my commute to my cubicle!

  • Wendylynam

    Cool!  We love women’s bike fashion.  Check out



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