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Winans Way Sidepath Completed

October 31st, 2011 | Categories: Infrastructure | 3 comments

Underneath the fresh layer of leaves, the Winans Way sidepath connects Hunting Ridge to the Gwynns Falls Trail

Friday, I had a chance to experience the new Winans Way sidepath between Hunting Ridge and the Gwynns Falls Trail.  This long-waited path provides a trail separated  from vehicular traffic on Winans Way.  Given the steep grade of Winans Way into Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park, having the protection of a double-sided guardrail is essential for trail user safety.

In addition to providing an active transportation connection between a neighborhood and regional trail system, the sidepath incorporates traffic calming and pedestrian refuges at the Winans Way and Franklintown intersection.  With new crosswalks and pedestrian refuges, the sidepath joins the Gwynns Falls Trail and other trails through Leakin Park.  This new sidepath is part of a planned regional bike network connecting the Gwynns Falls Trail with the Catonsville Trolley Trail via Edmondson Avenue.

New islands in the intersection slow traffic, provide pedestrian refuges and connect 3 trails

  • Bruce

    Ooo, a guardrail! It is hard to communicate safety better than that. Nice.

    Although your text describes the location, it sure would be nice to have a link to a map showing its location and length. You know what they say, a map is worth at least 896 words.

  • Jed Weeks

    @1747a245d1b704eead428348d2e7b3d6:disqus here’s the location, haven’t been biked out there myself to see the length yet.

  • Juan2free4

    I used to bike this everyday on my commute from my home to Outward Bound in Leakin Park and back.  I no longer work there so I haven’t been back to see the lane.  I’m sure it’ll impact downhill speeds but nothing beats not having to lift my bike over the guardrail along the GFT.  Nice work!



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