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When Bike Planners Travel…

August 14th, 2013 | Categories: Infrastructure | 3 comments

Contributed by Nate Evans

When the average American goes on vacation, it’s usually to get away from the everyday routine of work, life and everything else. If the trend were true, you’d find me on the NASCAR circuit kicking back in the parking lots outside a rented RV, whooopin’ it up.  (Not me.)  Taking pictures on vacation is more than just the usual scenic shots and happy family times. With a series of suppressed eye rolls, my wife has become accustomed to me stopping to look at different bike infrastructure no matter where we’re travelling. Typically, what I see in other places can be applied to Baltimore.

This recent trip was no different….

130722 Omaha 006

Even Omaha, Nebraska has open streets! When Baltimore…WHEN? Omaha also sported a highly accessible trail along the Missouri River with numbered bike routes

130722 Nebraska 028

This old railroad bridge over the Niobrara River is part of a 321 mile Cowboy Trail. The practice of converting abandoned railroad infrastructure to bike infrastructure could be applied to the CSX Bridge over the Middle Branch.

130807 Oklahoma 005

Even Oklahoma City has a bikeshare system. This fully packed station is outside the Oklahoma City National Memorial

130808 Tennessee 012

Nashville, Tennessee has TWO bikeshare systems: B-Cycle and GreenBikes (above) a FREE bikeshare system

130808 Tennessee 017

What better way to get around Music City

130729 Jackson Bike Corral

This bike corral in Jackson, Wyoming needs minimal protection with the angled racks

130729 Yellowstone 063

On private roads, the MUTCD is ignored to accommodate the relaxed attitudes of the American West

  • Wally Pinkard

    We do have one of those pedal taverns in Fells Point although it is BYOB.

  • B’more Bikes

    Right, the Nashville version serves drinks while biking as Duck Dynasty showed on ABC the other night

  • McSpankerson

    Awesome best practices from other cities. Baltimore can learn a lot from these places.



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