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What’s Philly Got For Bikes?

May 2nd, 2014 | Categories: Infrastructure, People | 3 comments

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 024

40+ bike shops, this one that caters to cargo bikes

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 017

A laundry service that uses bikes because its cheaper than trucks

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 014

Buffered bike lanes on residential streets where parking or travel lanes were converted

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 011

Lots of green bike lanes (mostly buffered)

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 006

Buffered bike lanes on major arterials where parking or a travel lanes were converted


140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 002

400 bicycle wayfinding signs around town for only $100,000

and coming soon:  BIKESHARE by Bcycle and Bicycle Transit Systems

Thanks to the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities
& Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia for the guide

  • Tim Baier

    Went to school in Philly some 20+ years ago. I was shocked (pleasantly) when I saw recently how much biking infrastructure there is now as opposed to then. Kudos to them. The wide gulf between what can be done and what Baltimore HAS done is even more apparent. This looks like biking heaven!

  • Mark Hackenburg

    I was part of the Philly bike tour yesterday (Kudos to our gracious Philly hosts!). I have to say, I felt safer on the streets of downtown Philly than I do on some of the streets around my home in Elizabethtown, PA and in Lancaster. Clearly designated paths and well marked corridors makes a huge difference. I’m hopeful and committed to helping Lancaster achieve a similar level of urban bike-ability!

  • Philly Pedals

    There is a lot happening in Philadelphia in way of bikes. Philly Pumptrack is almost open, Bike Share PHL next summer, and monthly Full Moon and Kidical Mass Rides. Also Philly Cyclists writing about their experiences here



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