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Want More Bike Lanes? Tell The City!

November 19th, 2010 | Categories: Infrastructure, People | 2 comments

“I have a problem with marking up our streets with the stupid bike markers.  I can’t tell you when that last time I saw a person on a bike in my area. Who thinks up these stupid ideas!”

Baltimore's Second Contraflow Bike Lane on Lancaster St

Not everyone is happy with the new bike networks in Southeast and Park Heights.  Over the past two years, the cycling community was excited about the planning and design of these new bike networks.  Now that they’re actually being constructed, those not into ‘the whole bike thing’ are none too pleased.  Despite all our efforts, the city can not reach everyone effected by street projects.  Many residents don’t find out about projects until the constrution crews break ground.  (Just look at all the resources and attention to detail the 2010 Census had, but still many people were not counted.)

So, now that there’s extra paint on the asphalt, for BIKES of all things, many people are contacting their elected officials to complain.  Most of these comments (like the one above) are sent my way, which gives me a chance to talk about how great biking is and how it improves a community, even for those NOT cycling. 

Are these the kind of remarks our elected officials need to hear about bike improvements?  That saying about the squeaky wheel is true!  Don’t let these unsilent minority complaints be the squeaky wheel.  Call, email or visit your elected officials THANKING THEM FOR THE NEW BIKE LANES (and ask for more while you’re at it!)

  • Barry Childress

    While not directly related, my article “Why build bike access when no one bikes because of the lack of access?” Currently ranks the 8th most popular page. It’s a dumb argument.

  • S S

    I would like to support more bike lanes because it might encourage more people to try biking in the city. However, many times I would personally prefer not to use an bike lane and would rather take the lane. Maryland law forbids me from riding within normal traffic lanes when a bike lane is present, so this makes it hard for me to support more bike lanes.



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