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Velocipede Community Meeting Tonight

January 14th, 2013 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

As winter approaches, Velocipede Bike Project is planning to take time to rest, regroup and reorganize programs to be most effective and meet the needs of the ever-growing and diverse community. While there will be no regular open shops during this time,  community meetings will be held to discuss revamping aspects of operations, as well as a few shop organization days. The first community meeting will be this evening, January 14th from 7-9PM.

Goals for the meeting:

  1. How we Train People
  2. Volunteer Relations
  3. Youth Involvement and Strategies
  4. Bike Access

Please come and share your valuable input and help Velocipede evolve to become a stronger and more essential part of Baltimore’s biking community! 

Velocipded is located at 4 W. Lanvale Street, near Penn Station.



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