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Student vs. Alum Bike Locking Styles

November 20th, 2010 | Categories: Parking | Post Comment

Last week, I had the privlege of returning to my alma mater to assist seniors in mock interviews.  The interviews turned out to be more like career counselling, which was even better.  When I moved back to the area years ago, I was within earshot of the high school.  Sometimes in late summer, we can hear the marching band practicing on the fields.

Naturally, I rode my bike the event (same as my polling place) and locked up to the bike rack in front of the school.  To my surprise, there was already another bike chained to the rack.  One glance at the bike, I knew this person never had a bike stolen and still had much to learn.  I locked my bike the same way when I was a student here.

It’s all good though – hey, they rode their bike to school!!!  Sure beats the cheese wagon or clogging up Ebenezer Road with cars. 

Just a couple differences in the locking styles:
1.  Clearly, the rack is no good; out-dated and not powder coated and the slates make it near impossible to get a 2″ tire in there.  While I used the outside of the rack, the student just pulled up and put the front tire against the rack.
2. While I used the preferred 3 Point locking method and cable through the front tire, the student locked only the front tire to the rack.  (One quick release away from someone else getting a free bike).  The only thing a thief is getting off my bike is the bell.
3. It’s going to take a serious theif that knows their way around a Kryptonite lock to work my bike loose.  The student used a chain with a padlock.  It would take a sharp pair of scissors to get through that lock. 

I’m not saying I’m the best at locking a bike up.  If I was, I would have brought it inside.

The only institutions that really teach proper bike locking techniques are the School of Hard Knocks and the University of Life.



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