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Strange Days for Bikes in B’more

August 20th, 2010 | Categories: People | 4 comments

Your eyes do not deceive you! New Madison Avenue bike lane (Photo by Tim Barnett)

The past few days in Baltimore have had its ups and downs.  I could go off on a philosophical soliloquy which would include Native American fables, Taoism and the teachings of Jesus.  I’ll keep it simple: Like The Dude says, “Strikes and gutters!”

As good and bad as all these are, they do not compare to the pain Joshua Blackwell’s family is feeling.  12 year old Joshua lost his life yesterday in a bike collision with a vehicle at Lyndhurst Avenue & Windsor Mill Road.

Thoughts & prayers with Joshua’s family & friends!

Speedy recovery Michael!  (May those who took your bike realize too late it was a fixie)

FOLLOWUP:  I received word that the Madison Ave bike lanes will be replaced with straighter lines!



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