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Stadium Authority Plans Direction Signs to Bike Parking

September 27th, 2012 | Categories: Parking | 6 comments

Fans arrive to see the O’s beat the Jays, 12-2

With TWO winning teams in Baltimore, the Maryland Stadium Authority is packing more fans in the stands.  With the crowded bike parking at Oriole Park, the Stadium Authority anticipates the trend continuing well into football season.  The bicycle parking area is located on the southeast corner of M&T Bank Stadium along the Gwynns Falls Trail, between gates B & C.  Below is a map showing the designated bike parking location and possible locations for directional signage based upon where the most improperly parked bikes for Ravens games.


Help the Maryland Stadium Authority plan the directional signs to the bike parking!  If you’re biking to see the Ravens, where are you coming from?  Where would signs to the bike parking help?  Post away below!

  • Lindsay

    Last year when I went to a game, I couldn’t find a map to their bike parking anywhere on their website. They now have that word description as above, but I can’t find a map (that should be added). 

    They should put directional signs in all of those locations with question marks, as well as on the Gwynn Falls Trail section in Solo Gibbs Park.
    In addition, they should educate the security staff as to where the bike parking is. Last year no one could tell us where it was!

  • nicholas

    Where is the Camden Yards bike parking?  Heading there tonight (Friday)…

  • jjulian

    There are a couple bike racks near the south end of the warehouse, in the plaza where the tickets are sold.

  • jjulian

    Signs could be placed along Ostend St (east and west of the stadium for a few blocks), Hamburg St (east and west), and around OPACY on Camden St and near Russel St. I personally would love to see some big huge purple bike racks in the middle of all the concrete surrounding the stadium – a prominent lock-up location would show everyone that biking to these events is safe and encouraged.

  • nicholas

     awesome, thanks.

  • Jan

    Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions.  The Maryland Stadium Authority is committed to providing safe and secure sites for our fans and park visitors to lock their bikes.

    This has been an evolving process as usage has increased.  And yes, our game day personnel has not always been familiar with our designated rack locations — particularly at M&T Bank Stadium.

    With the opening of the bridge over the tracks east of M&T Bank Stadium for daily use, the Gwynns Falls Trail now passes through our complex.  This has encouraged more use, as has the large trail marker on the Ostend/Warner entrance to the complex.

    Before every stadium event at M&T, game day personnel are advised where the bike station is located so they can direct cyclists to it.  This includes MSA Security, the SAFE management, and Aramark catering staff.   They are aware it is in the southwest corner of the complex, between gates B and C, along the Gwynns Falls Trail.  This is also where the guard station is located, to provide even greater security.

    As for Oriole Park, we have moved bike racks to a more convenient (and supervised) entrance to the park — at Camden and Eutaw. As Nate noted, the one rack we put there earlier in the season can no longer accommodate the number of cycling fans, so we added a second one this week.

    On the east side of the Warehouse in front of Dempseys there are permanent racks affixed to the sidewalk.  At the MARC station, new racks will be added soon (although they will not have the supervision of the racks on our campus.)

    Hope this answers some of your questions.  Thank you again for giving us ideas how we can better serve you.

    J. Hardesty
    Maryland Stadium Authority



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