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Ride a Bike to Work? Get a Guarenteed Ride Home!

November 12th, 2010 | Categories: Programs | Post Comment

If you bike, walk, take the bus, vanpool or carpool at least twice a week, and some crazy emergency comes up during day, don’t worry:  You can get a guarenteed ride home!  Guarenteed Ride Home is a FREE commuter insurance program for those commuters using alternative modes of transportation within the Baltimore & Washington D.C. metropolitan areas.  By signing up, your eligible for 4 free rides a year. 

Signing up is quick, easy and FREE!  Just click here

For those folks already using alt. trans. for your commute, this is just an extra perk.  To those folks on the fence about taking transit or biking to work due to those unforeseen circumstances, this should help your decision!



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