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Record number of cyclists register for and participate in Bike To Work Day!

May 18th, 2012 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

Over 500 people registered to participate in Bike to Work Day today in Baltimore City, a 50% increase over last year, with bicyclists stopping at 11 different stations around the City this morning to get some breakfast, pick up one of the new Bike Maps, and enjoy a beautiful day. In addition to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, we also had State Highway Administrator Melinda Peters out riding today

At the Bike to Work Day event at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus

Listed below are some quotes and photos from this morning’s events.


BTWD was great, our whole team participated and had a blast riding up Charles St. to our office from McKeldin Plaza.

–          Bridget

A shout out to everyone who made today’s BTWD possible: organizers, planners, volunteers, the local bike shop folks.

Great coffee and bagels; the new bike maps are much appreciated; and the free white t-shirts can replace dark jerseys on a hot day. What’s not to like?

–          Judy

Pigtown celebrates Bike to Work Day in Carroll Park

It was so nice to meet other bicyclists on a beautiful morning.

–          Joanne

Beyond our station being a success, people riding into work was a huge success. Maybe only 1 in every four or five cyclists stopped while the rest passed right by us, so we must have had over 100 cyclists riding down Guilford in the two hour (maybe 2.5 hour) span.

–          Dustin

State Highway Administrator Melinda Peters and other SHA staff

its a freak’in holiday

–           Steve

Bike repair tools at BBW









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