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Poor Bike Locking or Entrapment?

May 22nd, 2013 | Categories: Parking | 7 comments

Ridiculous Locking JobThis gem of an Orbea Opal tri bike was parked outside City Hall.  It was locked in a very poor fashion so either the owner “will only be a minute” or it’s a sting in the making.   Either way, it’s another example of why bike theft is so prevalent in Baltimore.

  • RM

    Ha – it’s actually mine, and I was just a minute.

  • seth

    interesting locking choices…

  • Nate Evans

    The Hand of The Lord was on your bike, RM. This area is famous for bikes getting jacked

  • chw

    That bike was there for hours. I think people assume that, because it’s City Hall, there are security cameras and police monitoring the bike racks. I know from personal experience, having had a bottle cage and mudflap stolen off my bike, that is the wrong assumption to make.

  • guest

    He must like that front wheel, but not the frame.

  • Nicholas

    I have this eternally unfulfilled plan of creating business cards offering free bike locking advice and leaving them on all of the bikes that are hopelessly free for the taking. I learned the hard way, but seeing a nice bike with hardly more than a paperclip holding it in place is painful.

  • B’more Bikes

    Great idea! The bike map has good locking info, just a little too big



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