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Plan It 2035: Bike Lanes For Our Grandkids!

December 10th, 2010 | Categories: Programs | 1 comment

Like many urban areas in the country, the Baltimore region has an extensive transportation network — including highways, city streets, suburban and rural roads, bus lines, train tracks, bike lanes and trails. All of these modes of transportation have one thing in common: they help people and goods get where they need to go.

A great deal of money and time goes into maintaining and improving these modes of transportation. As a result, it is the responsibility of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board to update the plan every four years.

Plan It 2035 is the next Long-Range Transportation Plan for the Baltimore Region.

The Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s Plan It 2035 wants to hear from you about big, long-term transportation projects.

Go to the interactive map here and post your ideas!

THINK BIG!  Hopefully, the era of cheap oil will be coming to a close by then and bike/transit will be the norm.  But just in case it isn’t, let the BRTB know what you want a future Baltimore to look like!


    Thank you for sharing this information! We look forward to seeing all of the great ideas about future bike projects in the Baltimore region!



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