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New Bike Corral at Zipcar

May 31st, 2014 | Categories: Parking | Post Comment

20140530_161254 (600x800)

The 2nd on-street bike corral in Baltimore was created this week in Harbor East.  Outside Zipcar’s office at Aliceanna and S Caroline Street, the Harbor East style racks were installed by Department of Transportation’s Bridge Maintenance crews.

Mtn Bikers Clean Up After Storms

May 5th, 2014 | Categories: People | Post Comment

Last weeks stormed left area trails soaked and damaged.  While MORE cleaned up trails in Patapsco Valley, GUMBO (above) cleaned up the trails along Little Gunpowder Falls

Last week’s storms left area trails soaked and damaged. While MORE and OLD LINE VELO cleaned up trails in Patapsco Valley, GUMBO (above) cleaned up the trails along Little Gunpowder Falls.

Kinetic Sculpture Gallery

May 5th, 2014 | Categories: Events, Unique Bikes | 1 comment

While there were fewer entries this year, they were no less inventive.  Here are a few of this year’s bikes from this year’s Kinetic Sculpture Race:

140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 005 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 008 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 017 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 023 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 024 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 025 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 026

140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 002

The regular entry “Platypus” transformed into a Tiki bar

What’s Philly Got For Bikes?

May 2nd, 2014 | Categories: Infrastructure, People | 3 comments

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 024

40+ bike shops, this one that caters to cargo bikes

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 017

A laundry service that uses bikes because its cheaper than trucks

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 014

Buffered bike lanes on residential streets where parking or travel lanes were converted

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 011

Lots of green bike lanes (mostly buffered)

140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 006

Buffered bike lanes on major arterials where parking or a travel lanes were converted


140501 Philadelphia Bike Tour 002

400 bicycle wayfinding signs around town for only $100,000

and coming soon:  BIKESHARE by Bcycle and Bicycle Transit Systems

Thanks to the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities
& Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia for the guide

Baltimore County Disappoints Bike & Trail Advocates

April 28th, 2014 | Categories: People, Programs | 4 comments

Over the past two years, the Baltimore County Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) has made an effort to make the county a more walkable and bikeable community.  The committee is comprised of councilmatic citizen appointees as well as county agencies representatives from the Office of Planning and Departments of Public Works, Recreation & Parks and Health.  Created through legislation sponsored by Councilmen David Marks and Tom Quirk, the committee was instrumental in drafting the county’s Complete Streets policy, which recently won praise from Smart Growth America as one of the Top 10 CS policies of 2013.

Unfortunately, this has been the culmination of the committee’s success.  In recent months, the citizen appointees of the committee has faced a major stonewall from county officials.

At the March 11th meeting, the committee heard from the State Highway Administration on how the county could utilize state funds and services to create sidewalks, bicycle infrastructure and trails.  In priority funding areas, which cover most of the county inside the URDL, the only obligation for these projects was post-construction maintenance and to provide public notice of the projects.  Instead of taking the advantage of this opportunity, county officials offered only excuses as to why this could not be done.  Meanwhile, other jurisdictions like Montgomery County are developing world-class transportation trail systems with these same funds.

Following the March 11th committee meeting, the second public input meeting was held to hear what projects citizens would like to see implemented. Other suggestions were submitted to the county before and after the meeting.  The list of projects offered by Baltimore County residents included:

The April 22nd PBAC committee meeting featured the Office of Planning’s report on which projects to support.  The list of supported projects was developed by the Office of Planning after discussions with the Department of Public Works, which oversees roadway improvements and the County Executive’s office.  Of all the improvements offered by the community, only two were selected:

All other recommendations have been delayed indefinitely! The most startling indication of the county’s indifference to bicycle projects was the deferment of the Towson “Spokes” plan.   This project, which included road diets and utilizing excess pavement for bike lanes, was deferred due to the development taking place in and around Towson.  The county wanted to see how vehicular traffic would be affected by these improvements BEFORE adding any bicycle improvements.  By this inaction, the county is resigned to plan for more car traffic by NOT planning for or encouraging bicycle, pedestrian or transit traffic.

Citizen members of the committee were visibly agitated by the county’s decision.  Carol Silldorff, executive director of Bike Maryland, was first to express her frustration.  “This is not enough!  Baltimore County needs to support more of these projects as we’re falling farther behind other progressive communities.”

Kathy Schlabach  from the Office of Planning answered by stating, “There’s no budget for these projects.  The County Executive wants to put every available dollar towards schools.”

When asked who was staffing the bicycle program, Ms. Schlabach indicated she was the only staff and only at a fraction of her time.  She also indicated that there was ZERO LOCAL FUNDING FOR BIKE PROJECTS! The Maryland Department of Transportation’s Bikeways Program and the Transportation Alternatives Program could potentially fund the vast majority of the projects suggested, especially if the available state and federal funding was combined to have state funds match the federal funds. However, for almost any project, the county would need to put up at least some local funding as a match and to devote some staff time to project coordination and outreach. Failing to do so leaves available money on the table for projects that have clear public support.

Ms. Silldorff also asked what else could be done for the county to support these projects.  Ms. Schlabach replied for committee members and the public to contact their council representatives to help fund these projects.

Laura Cook, the county executive’s appointee at large, made a motion to send a letter to the executive’s office asking for a budget item of $100,000 and a staff position to support these projects.  Committee members debated on the exact amount from less than $100,000 to $500,000.  Where other communities are dedicating millions of dollars a year toward improving walking and biking projects, Baltimore County squabbles over pennies.

5th District PBAC representative Allysha Lorber offered to produce a list of what other counties and jurisdictions are spending on bicycle & trail projects.  Ms. Schlabach then offered to take on that project and report to the committee at the next meeting in the fall.  Both Ms. Silldorff and Ms. Cook stated that the fall was too long to wait for these numbers.  Ultimately, the committee postponed the motion to wait on the report at September’s meeting.

Other ways the county is showing resistance to the national bicycle movement:

Bike Month Is Upon Us!

April 25th, 2014 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

bikemonthMay is Bike Month!  In Baltimore, that means the Kinetic Sculpture Race, Monument to Monument Ride, Bike To School Day, Bike To Work Day, Bike Jam, Ride of Silence and of course, Bike Party.  Check out the BIKE MONTH PAGE for event links & flyers.

More events in the works at Bike PartyBikemore, Bike Maryland and MORE

Columbia Seeks Bike Count Volunteers

April 16th, 2014 | Categories: Counts, Programs | Post Comment

Lake ElkhornColumbia Association is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to conduct counts for pedestrians, bicyclists and other users on CA’s pathways. By making a two-hour time commitment, you’ll be helping to improve one of the things that makes Columbia special! Your help is appreciated!

Building on the Active Transportation Action Agenda and fulfilling recommendation 3.7, data gathered from these counts will be used to gauge user demographics, determine usage impacts from pathway improvements and establish a baseline of usage for comparison with future counts.

You will receive counting process information and a confirmation of your time slot by May 5. In the interim, please contact Scott Templin at with any questions. Thank you for your interest.

Towson Bike Mosey Resumes April 18

April 13th, 2014 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

bike mosey logoThe Towson Bike Mosey returns this Friday, April 18 at 7pm starting from the Baltimore County Courthouse 401 Bosley Avenue.  Details and route are developing on the Facebook event page

B’more Bikes Conducting Candidates Survey

April 11th, 2014 | Categories: Programs | Post Comment

With a documented increase in recreational and transportation bicycling around the state, more cyclists want to know how the biking climate will be affected by the 2014 elections. B’more Bikes is conducting an area-wide survey of candidates’ views toward improving the safety of bicyclists.

This online survey will be available to all registered executive and legislative candidates, regardless of party affiliation in Baltimore City and Baltimore County until May 19th, 2014. Results and non-responses from candidates will be available on this blog before the June 12th early voting period begins. Statewide primarly elections will be held on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014.

To promote fairness in survey availability, all candidates will be notified by email.  As campaign season is very busy, please help encourage those running for office in Baltimore City or County to complete this survey.  BIKE THE VOTE 2014  (Only valid candidates responses will be posted)

Support Bikemore’s “Bike Experience” Program

April 9th, 2014 | Categories: People, Programs | 1 comment

BikeExpThe Baltimore Bike Experience, an after-school bicycle mechanic program program that we run at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore by Bikemore.   In this program, high school students are given all the tools they need to ride a bicycle or become a bicycle mechanic. In fact, one of the students, Andre,has been  hired part-time at Race Pace Bicycles in Federal Hill!

With donated old bikes, students are taught the mechanics of a bicycle and how to ride safely on the road, then given a helmet, lights, a lock, and the bicycle that they worked on in class. The students are incredibly enthusiastic and committed and given a safe and positive place to be after school one day per week.  For most students Baltimore Bike Experience is a chance to learn real skills to use for fun, fitness, transportation, and EMPLOYMENT!

Support the Baltimore Bike Experience online here



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