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Optical Illusion?

June 23rd, 2010 | Categories: Infrastructure | 9 comments

What's wrong with this picture?

Before yesterday’s Baltimore Bicycle Alliance meeting, I stopped to see the replenished bike lanes on University Blvd.  After the road was resurfaced, the bike lanes returned, but not quite the way they should be.  The construction project manager noticed immediately that the bike lanes were not installed per the plans and recommended I check it out.  Sure enough! 

Look at the above picture and notice the ample parking space for the truck and how the bike lane narrows down to 2 feet, 3 inches!   Needless to say, the contractor will be correcting this mistake!  Thanks to Mr. Fields for catching this!

This morning I reviewed some plans replacing a 30″ water main on the Hanover St.  bridge over the Patapsco. The project engineers included a bike/pedestrian maintenance of traffic plan that not only signed a detour for the Gwynns Falls Trail, but included a temporary bike lane on the bridge!

Bike awareness is defnitely taking hold when we have construction managers catching errors in bike lanes and engineers planning ahead without even being asked!

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  • Patrick McMahon

    Great to hear about the ped/bike maintenance of traffic. That's something that has been lacking for a while in construction projects. Great work Nate!

  • Dukiebiddle

    I wish I knew you didn't know. I thought the 1 foot bike lane was intentional so as discourage passing on the downhill slope of University.

  • Nate Evans

    Sorry Dukiebiddle – I'm a stickler for safe bike facility standards

  • Chris

    When I first looked at the picture I thought the bike lane was in the middle of a two lane road, which is quite odd to say the least. But once I read the post and looked at the larger view I could see it was painted on a one lane road incorrectly. But still, how could someone mess up that bad? There's no room to even paint “bike lane.”
    Do you know if this was a mistake in the plans or was it simply a mistake that happened on the day they painted the lane?

  • Nate Evans

    The plans were correct, Chris. This was contractor error.

  • Chris

    Interesting, well it's good to know it was just a slight mistake and is being corrected. How long would it take to correct a mistake such as this?

  • Nate Evans

    While I can't confirm it myself, area cyclists have told me its already been corrected

  • Chris

    Awesome! Well I'm sure that the contractor would be very interested in correcting the error once it was brought to their attention.



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