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Observations for This Week’s Bike Counts (Nothing Official)

January 13th, 2012 | Categories: People | 3 comments

Over the past couple days, volunteers helped the Department of Transportation collect data on bicycle commuter traffic around Baltimore.  Being the second annual wintertime bike counts, no one expects these numbers to be ‘awesome’ but a just an indicator of how local riders are kicking it in the colder months. We’ll get the ‘official’ numbers out just as soon as the data comes in.    I hung out at the corner of Aliceanna & Boston for three counting sessions and was able to identify some patterns:

Anyone else have cool stories from their counts?

  • Isaias O’Daniell

    Even though the counties are counted, unofficially, I saw one other rider heading to APG this week. He was having a mechanical issue or I probably wouldn’t have seen him at all.  My commute goes through Baltimore county into Harford county (Essex to APG, 5 days/week = 51 miles round trip)

  • Nate Evans

    On the very rare occasion that I drive to work, I see more and more cyclists on Orleans/Pulaski.  This is a pretty nasty stretch, but there are riders loaded down with panniers, kicking it on fixies and slow bikes on the sidewalk.
    I’m also seeing more cyclists on Joppa Road  (I’ll probably save that for another post all together)

  • RL

    When i was out counting, a pedestrian stopped to ask what i was doing. he incredulous and wanted to know if it was my job to count cyclists. when i told him i was just a volunteer, he was completely flabbergasted. his expression said, this chick is mentally impaired.



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