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New Bike Lanes on Walther Ave

October 27th, 2011 | Categories: Infrastructure | 7 comments

Fresh bike lanes on Walther Avenue

After the loss of the 1/2 mile Monroe Street bike lane over the weekend, new bikes lanes were installed on Walther Avenue.  The new bikes lanes extend from Parkside Drive to Moravia Rd on both the southbound and northbound sides.   As of yesterday, the linear markings were installed with the bike symbols to be installed as the weather clears. 

This 1/2 mile long section provides two new bike lanes while fulfilling a long-time request from the Acadia and Beverley Hills neighborhoods – the lifting of rush hour parking restrictions.  Residents along Walther Ave are now able to park in front of their homes 24 hours a day.  Motorists using Walther will have to adjust to only one travel lane at all times between Parkside and Moravia.

Next year, Walther Avenue will be resurfaced between Moravia Road and Eastern Parkway.  The new bike lanes will be continued through this section expanding the city’s bike network into the Waltherson community.

  • Christophersimo

    Glad to see the bike lanes but drivers don’t seem to be paying attention to the changes.  During today’s morning rush, observed drivers ignoring the “right turn only” at Moravia Road intersection and using the curb lane for travel.

    Overhead or pole signs advising drivers of the “right turn only” might help (I only saw road markings and by the time you see them, it’s too late to move left).

  • Nate Evans

    As the project is still underway, not all signing has been updated.  When I was there, the parking restriction signs were still in place.   With any new traffic patterns, road users must adjust to new conditions.

  • Commuter

    No one is paying attention to the new traffic pattern.  People are using the driving and bike lanes as a lane.  Makes driving in the dirving lane dangerous when I have to turn right onto Argonne Drive every morning.  When are better signs and marking going to be imposed?

  • Tsmith99

    I despise the new traffic pattern. Makes no sense.  No parking on the road from 4 to 6 makes perfect sense.   One lane for commuters is absurd.

  • Adam Grace

    This is SUPER horrible.  This area cannot sustain this as it is missing dedicated right and left turn arrows for traffic.  I lived on parkside 3 years ago and now not that far up the road- bottom line Walther is a commuting road and it was made that way to connect larger portions of the city.  In my opinion the city has led to a level of traffic such that there should never be street parking on Walther OR 33rd St- at any time of day.  AND IM AN AVID CYCLIST!!!

  • Adam Grace

    Another thing…What is the point?  This bike lane connects Moravia and Walther- one of the worst intersections in the Area- without dedicated turn lanes or light- its a sheer nightmare.  And on the other side the bike lane terminates towards Walther and Harford Rd…The sickets, craziest 30 degree intersection which constantly has people flying through red lights and making poor turns.  What this bike lane has introduced is a simple cocktail for disaster.  So while this bike lane might look good out the windows of the residents, it does little else.  If the roads were planned a bit better, I am always in favor of bike lanes.  This is like placing a gun range in a school cafeteria.

  • John

    The Walther Blvd bike lanes were only put in a short section in the Governor’s old rich neighborhood for one reason: so the rich folk there don’t have to move their cars during rush hour like the use to have to do. It’s quite obvious.



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