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New Bike Lanes on Fort Avenue

June 3rd, 2013 | Categories: Infrastructure | 2 comments

Fort & Jackson

New bike lanes were recently added to Fort Avenue between Jackson Street and Ft. McHenry. Shared lane markings are also in place on Fort Avenue between Light Street and Jackson Street.


Some wayfinding signs directing to Cross Street Market were also added

Lawrence Fort

The bike lanes drop between Lawrence and Woodall, but sharrows are in place with “Bikes May Use Full Lane” signs

  • Bike Blaze Guy

    I used Google Mapmaker ( to add the new
    bike lanes to their bicycling map. If anyone knows of any other bike
    lanes or paths in the Baltimore area that aren’t on Google maps, e-mail
    me at .

  • baltimoron

    I love those “Bikes may use full lane” signs. We need more of those!



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