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Moving On But Not Away

October 29th, 2013 | Categories: People | 12 comments

Contributed by Nate Evans
After - City LineFive and a half years ago, I started working my “dream job” as the bicycle & pedestrian planner for Baltimore City. Combining my lifelong passion for biking, Urban Planning degree and engineering background, I set out to comprehensively implement the 2006 Bicycle Master Plan.  In that time, Baltimore has become an easier place to ride. By no means are we “Portland” or “Amsterdam”, but Baltimore has developed its own brand of bike culture which I’m proud to be a part of.    Like other cities nationwide, our bike culture would have developed on its  own, I’m just blessed to have been on the job when it happened.

Over these past few years:

In the coming months, we’ll see

This Friday will be my last day with the City of Baltimore.  I’ve taken a position with a local engineering firm where I will be the on-site consultant for Maryland State Highway Administration’s (SHA) Bicycle Retrofit program.  One of my first projects will be to extend the Frederick Avenue bike lanes into the county.  (We’ll be able to take down the “ENDS” sign in the above picture.)  My office will still be in Baltimore which I will still bike to.  I look forward to seeing Baltimore’s bike network and culture grow and I’m fortunate to have helped it along the way.

I would like to give a special “shout out” to a few folks:

One of “my duties” as bicycle planner was to accompany Mayor Sheila Dixon on her Friday morning bike rides around the city.  While the group is smaller, we’re gonna take a spin this Friday at 7 am from City Hall.  If you shake of the candy rush from the night before and ignore the pending weather, c’mon out for a ride.

Thanks Baltimore!  It’s been great helping my hometown learn to ride again….

  • Jessica

    I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished for Baltimore. I look back on it and think, “that’s one of my guys” more than you know. How lucky was I to have you walk into my office the first time? Did we even talk about bikes??? You made my job so easy. Could sure use you here in Florida!! No doubt, getting around town is truly better and easier than it was five and a half years ago. All the best moving forward – you sure don’t need luck because you have made your own way.

  • ecogordo

    Glad you will be hanging around to help clear the path for Baltimore.

  • Charlie Murphy

    Wow, mix blessings. The city loses but the state wins. Good luck and don’t kid yourself, you’ve done lots. Thanks for everything…now let’s talk about Frederick rd:)

  • Jan

    Nate — Many thanks for all the help you’ve given to make the Camden Yards complex more bike-friendly. Hope you’ll continue to be a regular during the season and let us know what we can do to improve.

  • Jed Weeks


  • Greg Hinchliffe

    Nate, you are being modest. You have accomplished some great things, sometimes in the face of considerable opposition. City cycling is MUCH better than it was, and you will be missed. Please tell me the city DOT is hard at work trying to find a “we-can-hope (s)he’s-half-as-good” replacement. Greg Hinchliffe

  • seth


    I moved here 5 years ago, and the difference over that time period is dramatic. Thank you for everything, and best of luck in the future.

    Don’t be a stranger.


  • Dave Ferraro

    Thank you Nate Evans. You have made real contributions to Baltimore.

  • Teresa

    Nate, you’ll be sorely missed! Congrats on your new job and all you’ve done for biking in Bmore these past years. You should be proud.

  • Fran Horan

    Thanks for all the great work you gave done Nate! Glad you are still working bike improvements in the area and hoping you can help us out here in Howard County with our state roads.

  • Mi13

    Thanks for all your hard work Nate!! See you in the bike lane!

  • Mark R. Brown

    While I enjoyed working with you because of your transportation planning skills and “get it done” attitude, your encyclopedic musical knowledge will truly be missed. Nobody else can keep up with a Motorhead/M83/Buddy Miller/Foxygen playlist. Best of luck from the Lone Star State.



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