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Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee July Meeting

July 15th, 2010 | Categories: Events, Programs | 6 comments

Tuesday, July 20th 6pm
Baltimore City Department of Planning
417 E. Fayette St, 8th Floor

(Please bring your bikes up to the 8th Floor)


Agenda Items include:

  1. Bicycle Infrastructure updates
  2. Bicycle Friendly Community application
  3. Update on watershed mtn bike access
  4. “Cities for Cycling” planning

To add agenda items, please comment on this post of contact Nate Evans

  • Dukiebiddle

    “(Please bring your bikes up to the 8th Floor)”


  • Nate Evans

    Indoor bike parking beats theft anyday

  • Dukiebiddle

    From an infrastructural and transportation perspective that is completely unacceptable. I can see encouraging more secure locking practices, but to encourage people to take their bicycles indoors in front of city hall, because street parking invites theft, is not fundamentally different than a city encouraging its citizenry to stay indoors at night to avoid street crime.

    Granted, I can see such a meeting being inviting to recreational riders that may not otherwise need uber-secure locking practices, and can understand welcoming them to bring their bikes inside if necessary, but if the coordinators are actively discouraging transportation cycling practices, because it is impossible to protect against theft, in front of city hall, that is a serious serious problem and should perhaps be the first item addressed at the meeting.

    Sorry to be a pill

  • Nate Evans

    I completely disagree.

    Indoor bike parking beats bike racks outside in every way – security, protection from the weather, not having to strip your bike of pumps, bags, GPS, or lights. The racks in front of the Benton Building are used mostly for couriers during business.

    All bike commuters who work in the Benton Building bring their bikes to their office or in common areas on select floors. Instead of giving criminals an opportunity, were eliminating it. DOT & MBAC are applying an easy & progressive fix to a dose of reality: You can bring your bike inside and guarentee that it will not be stolen during the meeting.

  • Rob

    Can I add how important it is to have open bike areas (promenade from Pier 5 to Canton, for example) open so that city parents have somewhere to take their kids. I can understand the need for no biking in Harborplace after 10 am but not opening up the rest of the promenade to bikes 24/7 defeats the purpose of open access to the waterfront for all citizens.

  • Jed Weeks

    Hope it was a good meeting. Sorry I couldn't make it.



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