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Local Research Project Needs Bike Count Volunteers

October 23rd, 2013 | Categories: Counts, Programs | Post Comment

network-sketchAdopting bicycles in urban centers as a transport option has shown to improve human health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lower one’s carbon footprint. However, cities investing in bicycle infrastructure face numerous challenges, such as the high risk for bicycle-related injuries if adequate infrastructure and planning is not implemented.

To address safety concerns, researchers Sauleh Siddiqui, Kavi Bhalla, and David Love will use a mathematical framework to quantify and analyze health impacts in Baltimore’s transport settings, while also drawing on knowledge of local government officials and the Baltimore bicycle community. The broader aim for this research is to develop a framework to tackle general urban infrastructure so that cities as a whole benefit from safe, attractive and comfortable transportation, including bicyclists, pedestrians, drivers, commuters and residents in general.

The Making Baltimore Bicycle Friendly project is led by a research team at Johns Hopkins and is sponsored by the Environment, Energy, Sustainability and Health Institute (E2SHI) of Johns Hopkins University. Each volunteer will receive a gift!  Counts will take place NEXT WEEK on Oct 29 – Oct 31 at 10 locations across central Baltimore.  Sign up today to help out!



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