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Jones Falls Trail Rideable from Woodberry to Cylburn

July 31st, 2013 | Categories: Infrastructure | 6 comments


Stay to the right while ‘salmoning’ up Clipper Road

Phase 4 of the Jones Falls Trail from Woodberry to Cylburn Arbortem is the latest section of the trail to be constructed.  Phase 4 continues where Phase 3 (through Druid Hill Park) ends at Clipper Mill.  While still under construction, this section of the Jones Falls Trail offers a quiet, woodland ride in the heart of the city.

From Clipper Park Road, turn left onto Clipper Road and continue north past some very old houses.  At Druid Park Drive, continue north along the right side of the road.  (There should be some “Except Bicycles’ signs beneath the “Do Not Enter” signs)


After passing by a playground, enter the woods beneath the towers of TV Hill towards W Cold Spring Lane20130719_135428

After crossing W Cold Spring Lane, windup the ADA compliant ramp to continue on the trail. Features like this make it easy for those in wheelchairs or with strollers and offer challenges for those on mountain or trials bikes.20130719_135644The Jones Falls Trail continues toward Cylburn through the woods with retaining walls and embankments.   If you are looking for some fun obstacles to ride, best hit this now before any railings are put in.

  • Kali Durga

    Is there a completed map of the Jones Falls yet?

  • B’more Bikes

    Not yet, but the Baltimore Green Map is the closest

  • chw

    I love this section of the JFT- just watch out for deer! Job well done, Nate and DOT!

  • B’more Bikes

    This section is all Recreation & Parks – no DOT involvement

  • Nihil

    Can you link to that map? I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to bike from my house on falls rd and cold spring down to druid hill lake. I’m not sure if the trail starting from cold spring is completed all the way down.

  • Brendan Maltese

    The closest entrance for you is on Cold Spring Lane, just west of I-83. You can take that all the way down.



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