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How to Ride The Moonlight Madness #BikeParty

August 30th, 2012 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

With over 450 people ‘going’ on the Bob Moore Memorial/Moonlight Madness/ Baltimore Bike Party tomorrow evening, here are a few reminders of how this ride happens:

1.  Stay to the right!  Most roads taken have 2 travel lanes.  Stay to the right and allow other traffic to pass.

2. Stop at red lights!  This isn’t a race so ride slow and let the group catch up.  As bikes are vehicles, obey all rules of the road.

3. Ignore confrontation whether from motorists, pedestrians or other cyclists.  If you plan on riding and causing trouble, just stay home.

4. Ride sober, straight & predictably.  With this many riders, a pile-up can easily happen.  Avoid sudden stops, swerving & weaving.

5. Yield to Pedestrians.  The route goes through some areas with lots of pedestrians.  With more tourists in town for the Grand Prix, represent Baltimore’s bike community in a favorable manner.

6. Leave No One Behind.  We’ll have sweepers & shepherds and frequent stops so all can catch up.

6. LIGHT IT UP!  This month’s theme is Lights, so decorate your bike, yourself & your friends with lights.  Plus, its safer to ride at night that way.

The 7pm meetup is on the west side of the Washington Monument.  Please keep Charles Street open for thru traffic and ride safe!



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