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Health Dept. Pushes For Healthier Neighborhoods

October 8th, 2012 | Categories: Programs | Post Comment

The Baltimore City Health Department is starting their second round of meetings with residents in neighborhoods throughout Baltimore to discuss their priority health concerns and conditions that influence health outcomes where they live, work, learn and play. In the first round of meetings residents reviewed the components of the Healthy Baltimore 2015 planand  discussed the community’s health  priorities.

In these follow-up meetings, the Health Department will work with residents to review results from their first meeting, clarify their top 3 priority health concerns, identify potential resources, and plan for continued collaboration to address their concerns.  Improving the conditions for bicycling and walking would help further the goals of several components of Health Baltimore 2015, including Redesign Communities to Prevent Obesity, Promote Healthy Children and Adolescents, and Create Health Promoting Neighborhoods and this is an opportunity for supporters of bicycling around the City to come out and talk with their neighbors and the Health Department about ways to create healthier communities.

If you have any questions about the upcoming meetings or the Neighborhood Health Initiative, please contact Michael O’Leary at 410-396-1064.




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