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Guilford Bike Blvd Construction Progress

February 8th, 2012 | Categories: Infrastructure | 2 comments

The new minicircle at Guilford Avenue and 32nd St intersection

Construction of the Guilford Avenue Bicycle Boulevard is progressing on schedule.  With unseasonably warm temperatures this winter, crews have been able to complete most of the project.  Here’s an update on the project:

Cyclists travelling on Guilford should “follow the arrows” to avoid the speed hump

What’s next?

Thanks to Jeremy Steeves for his support of this project in the Baltimore Sun

  • blackeye

    I have been enjoying the new improvements, as I use this route for four days of commuting to work every week. I do think it would’ve been nice if the construction crew had cleaned up the “bicycle refuge area” after completing it, though. There is a big pile of sand or concrete mix creating a slipping hazard. Also, what is going on with the cycle track construction? They were chugging along on building that at a fast rate and then the crews completely disappeared. I haven’t seen anyone working on it in weeks. As a result, riding on this section of Fallsway has actually become more dangerous than it had been. Only certain sections of the cycle track are comfortably ridable, while others have big chunks of pavement missing or are blocked by orange barrels. So now cyclists either have to ride in a lane of traffic (where there is less room than previously) or swerve in and out of the cycle track, which is arguably more hazardous.

  • Fritz

    Awesome.  I used to bike from Penn Station to Charles Village daily when I had the pleasure of living in Baltimore and always took Guilford northbound.  I had the pleasure of participating in the meetings and am looking forward to coming down to Baltimore and riding up Guilford.



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