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Frederick Avenue Road Diet

July 22nd, 2010 | Categories: Infrastructure | 11 comments

If you’ve pedeled Frederick Avenue lately, you may have noticed some changes.  There are some fresh layers of asphalt between Hilton and Beechfield, but its the paint that makes the difference.  The Department of Transportation is installing bike lanes from the city line to the Gwynns Falls Trail as part of the city’s first major “road diet”.  A road diet is a technique where travel lanes are reconfigured; typically converting road with 4 travel lanes to 2 travel lanes, a center-turn lane and 2 bike lanes.


Frederick Ave at Augusta

Other benefits of the Frederick Avenue Road Diet include:


Please join me in thanking DOT’s Deputy Director Jamie Kendrick for making these new bike lanes a reality!

Should it?

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  • Matt

    This would be absolutely wonderful if it is continued further west. I live in Patterson Park and bike to UMBC via Lombard and Frederick. Frederick has been a great street to bike because it is wide enough to accommodate bikes and cars, but the pavement in parts is awful. I'm always worried about getting a flat at a really inconvenient time.

  • Nate Evans

    Good news, Matt. The eastern part of your commute is about to get easier. DOT is constructing the Southeast Bicycle Network (along with the Park Heights Bicycle Network) in the next couple of months. There's a map on the NEWS page at

    Lombard St almost finished getting the shared bike & bus lane restriped.

    Baltimore County and State Highway Administration are well aware of the bike lanes ending at the city line and are exploring some options.

  • Dukiebiddle

    Speaking of bike lanes, what is the status on the striping of contraflow on Landvale between Gulford and Charles/Maryland? I don't intend on using it until the drivers are actually aware that I'm allowed to do it.

  • Nate Evans

    I've been waiting since December for the striping. I understand the work order for striping was placed 2 weeks ago

  • Julie

    Matt, what way do you take to get cross town. Isn't there a lot of traffic between Martin Luther over to President street? Morning commutes are ok but there is so much traffic during the evening.

    Thanks, Julie

  • Dukiebiddle

    I like all that traffic on Pratt when I use it during rush hour. It slows traffic down to the point that the difference between a car and bicycle are irrelevant and gives you a chance to catch your breath.

  • Matt

    Julie, I just take Lombard to UMBC and Pratt back. Like Dukiebiddle, I don't really mind the traffic. I end up getting across town in about the same time a car would, sometimes faster. The only problem I encounter is people who do not use the bus/bike lane as it is intended. A good east-west dedicated bike lane would be great, but certainly hard to do, I'm sure.

  • Julie

    Thank you. I was wondering if there was a east-west bike lane.

  • Ari

    Hooray! It is especially exciting to see the possibility of county bound bike lanes.

  • Julie

    Ok. I used Pratt street Tuesday night to get across town. I had forgotten about the bike/bus lane there. It will take some getting used to. There were alot of buses and I had to go out in the car lane to get past them. I did notice a bike unfriendly drain cover at the Calvert street intersection in the lane.



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