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December MBAC Meeting Update

December 15th, 2010 | Categories: Events, People | 4 comments

Local cyclists mark a map on where they'd like bike lanes in central Baltimore

Thanks to all who braved the cold and came out to last night’s Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (MBAC) meeting.

Some quick updates from the meeting include:

  • jmanfuso

    Hey Nate–Thanks for the update. I live in Wyman Park and would be interested to know about the bike box–i.e. what is a bike box and where on the park it’s proposed to be located.

  • Liam

    Here’s what the bike box on Wyman Park Drive looks like –

  • Nate Evans

    A bike box is an advanced stop bar for bikes, put cyclists ahead of cars at intersections. It’s important to have a bike box at this intersection to reduce mid-intersection conflicts between bikes & cars going straight thru. It also makes it easier for cyclists going north on Keswick.

    Streetfilms did a quick film on how to use a bike box at

  • Jmanfuso

    Thanks for the replies. Turns out I’d used one of these and didn;t even know it.



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