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Dan Rodricks Should Ride His Bike To Work

April 8th, 2011 | Categories: People | Post Comment

I’d like to thank Dan, Vanessa & the crew for having me on the show Tuesday.  Live radio can be interesting, especially when you’re behind the mic, fielding calls and emails from a world of people that are passionate about getting more bikes off the road.

In between the live chaos, we had a chance to chat about how easy it would be for Dan to ride his bike to work.  (He did ask the question “What would it take to bike commute?” on the air, but the answer did no justice)  While he didn’t tell me what part of town he lived, here are a few reasons why Dan should try riding:

So what’dya say?  Wanna go for a bike ride?  It’s not just for yuppies ya know.  

Thanks to WYPR for the bikesposure and for being a bike-friendly studio!



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