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County Bike/Ped Project Meeting Announced

February 24th, 2014 | Categories: Infrastructure, Programs | 4 comments

Baltimore County’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) is seeking community input to help identify the next round of pedestrian and bicycle projects to be targeted for implementation. Members of the public are invited to voice their preferences on which projects to fund at a Citizen Input Meeting to be held:

Tuesday, March 11 at 5 p.m.
Jefferson Building Hearing Room (Room 104)
105 West Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, MD 21204

The PBAC is looking for projects that will provide County citizens with the greatest benefit at the lowest cost, using state, federal, and private grants. Projects should have been recommended by Baltimore County’s Eastern and Western Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Plans.

  • Pat Gavin

    I commute to work in Timonium and there is ZERO bike infrastructure there. Not even a bike rack anywhere.

  • B’more Bikes

    Navigating Timonium by bike is tricky if not using York Road (which is quite harrowing). What roads do you use Pat?

  • Pat Gavin

    Aylesbury and Greenspring drive, areas near the light rail. York rd is way too busy and I rather not hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk. If they had some paved trails behind the Lutherville light rail station linking up to Greenspring Drive that would be amazing. You have Lutherville bike shop and REI not far away so I know people in the area must be riding bikes. I work on cars for a living and my coworker and I both commute by bike because we hate the traffic so much. That is saying something.

  • B’more Bikes

    Aylesbury and Greenspring are bikeable as is Deerco, but I’m with you: York is too busy. The “Share The Road” signs there don’t instill much comfort.

    A couple years ago, MTA was about to get an MDOT Bikeways grant to complete the path between Greenspring & Lutherville Station/Ridgley but the immediate community fought it so it never happened (Its pretty much there anyway)



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