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“Counting On Bikes” on Maryland In Motion

January 13th, 2011 | Categories: People, Programs | 5 comments

I’d like to thank Bruce Wallace of WYPR for his informative program, “Maryland In Motion”  This series takes a look at the different aspects of Maryland’s transportation system.

This week, Bruce covered the winter bike counts going on across the city in his report “Counting On Bikes”, which features local bike advocates Noah Bers, Tim Barnett and Penn Wilbert.

Today is the last day for counts!  Thanks to all who counted and were counted!

The B’more Chilly Contest continues!  We’ll update the standings soon!

  • Anonymous

    My commute doesn’t take me past any of the counting spots, but I was out there this morning!

    I guess that doesn’t count though.

  • Nate Evans

    Where did you ride, Eric?

    There is an automated counter on the Pratt St bike lane that’s also being used. I saw lots of folks around the harbor and downtown this week on bikes. We’ll definitely have to expand our count areas.

  • Anonymous

    I drop down east on Eager to Guilford and switch over to the Fallsway at Center and then down to Harbor East. I’m heading West for an early lunch, I’ll be sure to go via the Pratt St. bike lane.

  • Penn

    I can’t feel my toes!

  • Nate Evans

    Thanks for the sacrifice, Penn! And thanks for helping Bruce with the radio report!



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