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Controlled Access Bike Parking Opens Downtown

October 18th, 2013 | Categories: Parking | 1 comment

PABC Bike ParkingA new, secure, downtown bicycle facility has been built by the City of Baltimore through a collaboration between the Parking Authority of Baltimore City, the Department of Transportation and the Department of General Services’, Energy Office.  The Energy Office utilized the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant to help fund this project as a way to promote reduction of fuel consumption in the City of Baltimore.

Studies indicate that the longer parked bicycles are left unattended, the greater the chances they will be stolen.  To encourage bicycle commuting, reduce driving and reduce bicycle theft during long-term parking (typically over 3 hours), the City of Baltimore created secure downtown bike parking. It is located on the ground level of the Lexington Street garage at 510 East Lexington Street near the corner of Gay Street.

Bike parking area includes a Fixit Stand with tools and air pump

Bike parking area includes a Fixit Stand with tools and air pump

Over 50 bicycles can be parked in the fenced area which is accessible only with a keycard pass.  Users will be expected to use their own locks and only registered cyclists will have access to the area.  A Fixit Stand is also available for on-site repairs.  Anyone can register to use the secure bike parking area online or by calling by 443-573-2800. Applications will also be with the garage manager.

Membership registration will be coordinated by the Parking Authority of Baltimore City.  Membership will cost $8 a month.  Included in the price will be two days of car parking.

The total project cost approximately $27,000 including bicycle racks, fencing, bicycle repair stand with tools and air pump,control box, key cards and lighting.


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