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Check List for Tonight’s Bike Party

October 26th, 2012 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

The Baltimore Bike Party has grown exponentially this year:  literally!   Latest Facebook tabs had well over 900 participants coming.  With real life ride numbers being 10-15% higher than virtual numbers, tonight’s ride could well be over 1000!  With so many people on bikes, sharing the road with other traffic will be difficult, but not impossible.  In addition to the Standard Rules of The Ride (stay to the right, avoid confrontation, obey traffic laws) the Bike Party’s website has listed a few more things to consider for this month’s Halloween Ride:

1.  Have a snack before the ride!  Power up so you don’t bonk on the last hill.
2.  Be prepared with lights and an extra tube (Race Pace can help out there)
3.  Bring cash for the food trucks & refreshments at the end
4.  Wear A Costume because its Halloween and you just might win some cool prizes (courtesy of Light Street Cycles)
5.  Preview the route here

While the main purpose of the ride is to have fun, we are also showing Baltimore that its fun to ride a bike; especially in neighborhoods that are unaccustomed to bike traffic.

Enjoy The Ride!



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