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Changes Are Afoot at Bike Baltimore

February 4th, 2011 | Categories: People, Programs | Post Comment

There are a few things going here at DOT that everyone should be aware of.

1. You may have noticed a different format here at the unofficial Bike Baltimore blog.  We made an executive decision to deactivate our FORUMS.  Keeping a ‘PG’ rating on the blog became increasingly difficult with the invasion of the spammers.  We tried a couple different options to limit this invasion, but alas, nothing seemed to do the trick.  (Sorry, this isn’t Bike Naked Day)

2. SO, we created a page on FACEBOOK to air comments and concerns.  If there’s something serious going on, you can always email me and I’ll post it here and the public can chime in.  (You can also access the Facebook link on the right.)

3. I’d like to introduce Andie Murtha, DOT’s new bike planner!  Andie has been on a couple weeks now and has jumped in on several different initiatives. 

4. Yesterday, members of Baltimore’s cycling community met with the Baltimore Police Department.  This was the first step to incorporating police cooperation in promoting cyclists safety.  I’ll post more on this event later on.

Until then have a great weekend and Go Packers!



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