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Catonsville Bikes: New Bike Shop(s)

October 19th, 2012 | Categories: People | 2 comments

Contributed by Scott Westcoat

On Monday, October 15th, a two-in-one bike shop opened in Catonsville.   The HUB/C’Ville Bikes is a full service bicycle shop located at 821-827 Frederick Road in the heart of the downtown business of Catonsville, MD (affectionately known as Music City Maryland or for those in the know, the “28”…the 21228 zip code for the rest of us!)

The HUB and C’Ville Bikes are actually 2 bicycle shops adjacent to each other, separated by an open air courtyard.  Owned and operated by the same group who decided that 1 shop was just too traditional of an undertaking, creatively utilized what was a dog groomery and skateboard shop in a previous life, and turned the project into a true bicycle village.  With bicycle sales, service, parts and accessories, the shops serve as the true bicycle HUB for the community and allow the entry level cyclist and the most discerning cycling expert to find a comfortable place to learn and live the bicycling lifestyle.

Shop #1, C’Ville Bikes, located at 827 Frederick Road, is the shop geared to those searching for a value priced bike for cruising comfortably on the road, bike path, boardwalk or trekking into the woods.  This is the place for new cyclists, those looking for a kids bike, comfort bike, hybrid, entry level mountain bike or an urban cruiser.  Lots of accessories, locks, racks, helmets and clothing can be found at C’Ville Bikes along with free advice and an experienced, friendly staff to make you feel right at home.

Shop #2, the HUB, is geared toward the person who has had some previous cycling experience and is looking to add toward their quiver, upgrade their rig or seeking out that elusive part, accessory or set of new wheels to feed their biking habit.  Lots of higher end offerings and a place to connect with others who share the passion for getting on 2 wheels and riding like the wind or bombing an offroad trail.  Carbon fiber, aircraft quality aluminum and space age materials are the norm at the HUB and lots of free technical advice from seasoned bike professionals make this the place a friendly destination for those who choose to make cycling a lifestyle.

Together, the 2 shops coexist to support each other and are anchored by an on-site mechanic shop where large barn doors invite you in to check out the bike professionals in action.  Whether building a bike, truing a wheel or changing a flat tire, the HUB/C’Ville Bike’s expert staff are friendly, knowledgable and easily approachable in a low stress atmosphere.

Additionally, the HUB/C’Ville Bikes business model includes a non-profit component where donated bikes are repurposed back into the community.  Worked on by youth and adults who are looking at learning bicycle repair skills while earning school credit or simply the hands on skill building of learning a new trade.  Patrons can choose to donate their old bike to CHANGING GEARS, a recognized 501(c)(3) whose mission is to reintegrate bikes and people back into the community, using bicycles as the impetus.  No trade-ins here but we can give you a receipt for your donated bike which is tax deductible to the full extent of the law (be sure to consult your tax professional)

Conveniently located, with plenty of free car and bike parking, the HUB/C’Ville Bikes, serves the cycling needs of a growing community in an area where some of the best on/off road biking in the region exists within a short ride of their location.  Stop by and say hello, grab a free cup of coffee, bottled water, and a tasty treat when out and about as the HUB/C’Ville bikes serves up cycling fun and always offers it up with  smile.


  • Pacelines

    As a Catonsville resident and longtime road cyclist, I am
    pretty impressed by these two shops. Very glad that they opened just down the
    street in my neighborhood. One store caters to novice cyclists, children and
    casual trail riders which is a quality idea since we have all sorts of riding
    opportunities for novice and casual cyclists and also children. Our area has real
    potential for some successful Safe Routes to Schools programs that can really
    get going with this type of bike shop. Next door, the HUB caters more to
    dedicated road, mountain and commuter cyclists which pretty much applies to me.
    Their service staff rocks and I know that I will roll over for repairs when I
    can’t get a wheel trued right or for maintenance where I lack the correct tools
    to change a bottom bracket, etc. Can’t beat having a quality wrench less than a
    mile from the house that you can ride to! I haven’t experience anything like
    that since I worked in downtown Frederick. One thing that I thought was really cool
    is the shaded public space between the two shops. That caught my eye instantly.
    I am certain that I will end up stopping there while riding home on hot summer
    days to grab some shade, some cold fluid, and to talk gear ratios, wheelsets,
    and local climbs with other area cyclists. In fact, I am looking forward to
    doing just that.

    David W.

  • chefkathleen

    love the shop and the owner is great.



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