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Tour du Port, Sept 28

August 29th, 2014 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

Poster_Tour_Du_Port_2014_11_17 (small)

Larry’s Ride, September 14

August 22nd, 2014 | Categories: Events | Post Comment


Do Tour du Port, September 28th

August 20th, 2014 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

TourduPortFlyerDue to unforeseen circumstances, Bike Maryland needed to reschedule Tour du Port from September 21st to Sunday, September 28th!  The decision to reschedule was not made lightly.  Bike Maryland strives to plan Tour du Port around other popular bicycle events typically held the same time of year:  the Seagull Century, Tour du Cure, Charm City Cyclocross, BBC’s Lancaster Weekend ride to name a few.  While this date move is unfortunate, it was necessary.  For those already registered that can not attend on the 28th, a refund will be granted until Monday, September 1st.

While immediately inconvenient, this date change will work out for the better:

1. The other major Bike Maryland event, Larry’s Ride, is still scheduled for Sunday, September 14th!  The two week break between events will allow for better preparation of Tour du Port

2. September 19- 21 was already a busy bike weekend in Baltimore.  Instead of having to choose between Tour du Port, Day 2 of Charm City Cyclocross or pacing yourself at Music to Your Gearsyou can now do it all!

3. With an extra week to plan, Bike Maryland can make Tour du Port even better!  With The Gathering, a beer garden and more vendors, this year’s Tour du Port will be the biggest yet!


Register for both Tour du Port and Larry’s Ride and get a $10 discount on Tour du Port!

Bike Maryland can always use volunteer help.  If you’d like to help out, sign up here

Bike Parties in Baltimore & Towson

July 23rd, 2014 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

This Friday, the Bike Party rolls through Baltimore starting at St. Mary’s Park & ending at the Maryland Historical Society.  Volunteers are still needed to help the event go smoothly.  To assist, email baltimorebikeparty (at)

Next Friday, August 1st, the Towson Bike Mosey rides again at 6:30 pm at the corner of Chesapeake and Washington in Towson.  Approximately 8 mile slow-paced ride through Towson (Towson University, Rodgers Forge and Stoneleigh areas) All ages welcome!

What to bring:

Baltimore to Bethany In A Day (by bike)

July 11th, 2014 | Categories: Events, People | Post Comment

There are few times when this road is bikeable.  Saturday 6:30 am is one of those times

There are few times when this road is bikeable. Saturday 6:30 am is one of those times

Whether OC, Bethany, Dewey or Rehobeth, going ‘down the ocean’ is a summertime ritual for most Baltimoreans.  Having the cool waves of the Atlantic within a day’s reach is something we take for granted.  The open expanse of water, strands of sand and the neon-infused development right there on the other side of the bay.  To reach the beach, it takes a couple hours in the car, dealing with traffic at The Bridge, slow downs in Easton, Cambridge and West OC.  Nothing major.  So, why would ANYONE want to ride their bike to the ocean when you could drive.  Life is a journey, made up of many journeys, which can either build us or break us.  To choose to make a journey, rather than a trip, requires a deeper reach and a personal challenge.  So, that’s exactly what we did.

A couple years back, I did this trip with Carfree as a two day spree, camping half way, fully loaded with gear.  But this time was different:  A one-day trip from the Baltimore Burbs to Bethany Beach.  I had this crazy idea not long after the first journey.  Good thing I have crazier friends to join this wild ride.  Dup was in!  He had a week at Bethany lined up, so we planned our trip with a hard date in mind.  The planning was easy with help from Routemeister Bob.  The training: Do a century the weekend before to work out the kinks.  To scratch more off the Bucket List, we did a century plus on DC’s trail system linking Northwest, Paint Branch, Sligo, Rock Creek, Mt. Vernon, Woodrow Wilson, Nat Harbor and back up Anacostia.

The morning came too early and we rolled out at 5:30.  Oh wait, someone forgot their helmet.  We rolled out again down a quiet Harford Road at 6 am.  Passed what could have been some Bike Party stragglers with chopper handlebars at Gorsuch and cruised around a shimmering Inner Harbor.  Down Annapolis Rd, we were cutting easier trail miles with road bikes.  No Aviation Velo ride this morning, we continued down the B&A with a shot of coffee and dense peanut butter rice crispy treats at The Big Bean and onto to get our lift over the Chesapeake.  46 miles done by 9:20 am.  Time to hydrate and hydrate again while buzzards and ospreys dueled overhead.

140628 Bethany Bike Ride 1Back of the white cargo van, we stashed our bikes for our lift and restarted at the Shore Stop in Stevensville.  Reload on liquids and follow the Cross Island Trail (because its beautiful) to the Kent Narrows and then some country roads.  Route 18 gets tight in spots, but not too bad on a Saturday morning.  Instead of rolling the dice at the U.S. 50 crossing, we opted for some minor rough pavement to MD 213.  Traffic was backing up through here so riding conditions weren’t bad.  One block off 50 and the quiet was noticeable.  Here we could double up and actually converse.  Very few cars passed us on these roads.

Hey, we’d all these cyclists come from?  They were all numbered so it had to be the Two Rivers Century.  Sure enough, the riders got dense at Tuckahoe with a a few lost on the other side.  Passing through  beautiful Ridgeley, we grabbed lunch in Greensboro, reloaded on liquids and headed for Delaware, where we traded routes and stories with three loaded cyclists that were headed for a nearby campground.

The Cross (Kent) Island Trail

The Cross (Kent) Island Trail

This was the part where the journey’s length could be felt;  the heat of the day, the lack of seat padding.  Pressing on was easy knowing that a Royal Farms was never far away.  Crank after crank, we followed our route and the mysterious F100 and B2B.  Only twice did we have cars come too close.  You’re either drinking or texting.  Either way, put it down! (and stop kicking up shoulder dust when you can’t stay on the road)

Bridgeville, Georgetown, Millsboro and Dagsboro all passed.  The road under construction put some drivers closer who were derogatorily complementary, but the end was near.  We passed one my cyclist on a beach cruiser with a beer in hand. (His buddy owed him that much.) We gladly took the bike lanes to the sands and salt water with the goal complete.  This journey ended bayside, stretching legs, locking bikes and high fives.  14+ hours, 146 miles down.  Good roll, Dup! 

140628 Bethany Bike Ride 3

Catonsville Annual July 4th Ride

July 2nd, 2014 | Categories: Events | 1 comment

Catonsville Rails To Trails 4th Annual Bike Ride to Fort McHenry
18  miles, 2.5 hrs
Easy paced ride with sweepers

Catonsville July 4th Flyer

Suburban Bike Parties Offer Easy Routes

June 25th, 2014 | Categories: Events | 3 comments

Perry Hall Bike Party 001TPerry Hall Bike Party 002he Perry Hall Bike Party and Towson Bike Mosey held this past weekend were an easy way to bike around the suburbs.  The Perry Hall bike party, hosted by the Community Christian Church, was part of a week long CCCPalooza festival which ended at R&R Taqueria.  Part ‘family bike party’, the Perry Hall event was attended by over 30 participants from ages 6 to 60(ish). This slow paced ride started and ended at Honeygo Village, hitting Perry Hall Park, Rita’s, the top of the new Indian Rock Trail and  Honeygo Regional Park.Perry Hall Bike Party 003

The Towson Mosey was less attended due to the World Cup match of the United States versus Portugal.  Starting at the Old Courthouse at Chesapeake and Washington, the mosey toured Towson University, Shepard Pratt (really, there’s cool architecture there), Rodgers Forge and Stoneleigh.  The easy ride followed quiet routes, hidden trails and allowed participants to get to know each other and catch up at the CVP to watch Portugal tie it up (NO!) Anyway, a good ride was had by all.  Thanks to Anne Greenbaum and Devan Tracy for organizing the event! Impromptu Perry Hall and Towson rides that happen almost every Sunday night.  Post below if interested…(Photos by Dup)

Towson Bike Mosey 140622

MORE’s Patapsco Epic Coming August 10th

June 20th, 2014 | Categories: Events | Post Comment



The second in MORE’s Epic Series happens in our backyard!  The Patapsco Epic is the best way to explore the extensive trail system at Patapsco Valley while supporting MORE.  Choose from a kids’ ride, 25, 35 or 50 mile route. Wrap up your ride with a festival at the end.  Registration now open!

Bike Parties in Perry Hall and Towson

June 17th, 2014 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

C3Palooza Hi Vis Bike Party


Quick Details:
What: Palooza Bike Party “Hi-Viz” Ride
Where: Meeting at the parking lot behind R&R Taqueria in Perry Hall (behind Honeygo Center Drive)
When: Meet at 6:30, ride at 7:00
Who: Anyone who can ride or be towed by a bike

Meet at the parking lot behind Libertore’s in Perry Hall at 6:30PM and the riding begins at 7:00PM. Ride will be approximately 7 miles around the flattest parts of Perry Hall . At a very casual pace, we’ll probably be in the saddle for a 60-90 minute ride. The ride will take a break and get Italian Ice and custard with more Palooza Party People at Rita’s in Perry Hall and then loop back to the start.

We’ll be following all the rules of the road, including red light stops, but the leaders will wait so we can all stay together. Most of the riding will be in the roadway, a safe option given our number of cyclists. Help will be available for flat tires or quick mechanical fixes, but be sure to check your tire pressure and carry what you need to fix a flat tire. Please wear a helmet.

Please email ryan (at) with any questions.  Details updated on the Facebook event page


and then on Sunday, June 22nd  TOWSON BIKE MOSEY  explores lore the hidden treasured roads of Towson for this monthly ~10ish mile casual ride. Don’t forget to wear bright clothing!  

and here’s the route Cue Sheet June 22 Towson Bike Mosey


Kinetic Sculpture Gallery

May 5th, 2014 | Categories: Events, Unique Bikes | 1 comment

While there were fewer entries this year, they were no less inventive.  Here are a few of this year’s bikes from this year’s Kinetic Sculpture Race:

140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 005 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 008 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 017 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 023 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 024 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 025 140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 026

140503 Kinetic Sculpture Race 002

The regular entry “Platypus” transformed into a Tiki bar



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