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B’more Bike News for April 2011

April 15th, 2011 | Categories: People | Post Comment

Another gorgeous spring day and what made it even better was that I cashed in a furlough!  Out of the office and on a field trip to the zoo, where I saw more kids foolishly “riding” the Bicycle bike racks at the main entrance.

This has been a busy week for bike news in Maryland:

First, the Maryland General Assembly closed out its 2011 legislative session with a major win for ALL road users, not just cyclists and pedestrians.   Motorists who take a life while driving may now be face criminal negligence charges.  This misdemeanor charge, which carries a 3 year imprisonment and a $5,000 fine, closes a gap in the legal system between negligent driving and felony automotive manslaughter.   While this helps provide a greater sense of justice, it does nothing for reducing these types of accidents before they happen.  No price can be put a price on a human life!

In similar news, charges were filed against the driver who struck Nathan Krasnopoler while he was riding in the W. University Pkwy bike lane.  The driver faces negligent driving and failure to yield right-of-way to a bicyclist in a designated bike lane.  Nathan is not expected to recover from injuries sustained in the collision.

In much lighter news, Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie went for a bike ride while in New York City to face the Yankees.   Guthrie was at the MLB Fan Cave when he spied a bike and had to take it for a spin over to Union Square.  Guthrie is known to bike to Camden Yards for his commute and has promoted Bike to Work Day in recent years.   In the story by Thomas Boorstien, Guthrie compares NYC traffic to B’more and gives us a glimpse to his riding style:
“It’s not as crazy,” Guthrie said of the Baltimore traffic. “For the most part, I’m on sidewalks or bike paths where I am. It’s downtown — they’ve done a nice job with the Inner Harbor. So I don’t run across too many cars. Right here, it’s all cars, trucks and taxis driving around.



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