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BMC To Do Bike/Ped Counts

May 8th, 2013 | Categories: Counts | 3 comments

Just as Baltimore City performs (very wet) bike counts this week, the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) is getting in on documenting bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The BMC is requesting proposals from contractors will work with representatives from BMC staff, Maryland State Highway Administration and BMC member jurisdictions to develop a common data framework for storing, displaying, analyzing and sharing bicycle and pedestrian count data among the state and local governments. The contractor will collect bicycle and pedestrian data using agreed upon technologies at locations at 19 locations in the Baltimore region (none in Baltimore City) May through June 2013.

Click here for more info

  • nicholas

    Is there any way to be added to the bike count? I commute a total of 10 miles in the city daily, but get to Penn Station by 6:10 and leave after 6p, so the counts are either not started or finished by the time I pass. But I want to be counted! :)

  • B’More Bikes

    not to worry, the bikes are Penn Station are counted as well

  • nicholas

    excellent, thanks



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