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Bike Parking & Pump at Penn & Camden Stations

May 29th, 2013 | Categories: Parking | 3 comments

130523 Camden Station 014In addition to the new, covered bike parking at Penn and Camden Stations…


Photo by Jan Hardesty

public access bike pumps are also available

(Bike rack instructions available at Bikemore)

  • Craig

    I just purchased a Vespa scooter. Was hoping to use it to catch the MARC train. I was hoping I could park at the station – for free. Can I park my Vespa scooter at Camden Yards or Penn Station safely during the day and pick it up in the evening? (BTW: I am a avid bicycler but not so much at 6am) My big concern is the scooter being there when I back. What is your experience?

  • jchapline

    At Penn Station, you definitely need to lock it with a heavy lock. You could have locked it to the old bike racks, but since the bike parking situation is changing, you should scout it out. There are lamp posts and other structures that bicycles and scooters have been locked to in the past; I’m not sure if the management plans to change enforcement of that since the new racks are being installed

  • Fran

    Is there an existing motorcyle parking area ? If not, can you ask for one ?

    In general, scooters and mopeds in bike racks is not a welcome thing. This rack in particular is a hanging rack, the bike hangs verically on a post. So the scooter weight is a problem for the rider lifting it, and then there would be a problem of the rack safely supporting that scooter weight. I imagine a scooter is beyond the design weight limit.



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