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Bike Parking Legislation Moves Forward

October 22nd, 2010 | Categories: Programs | 2 comments

Two more “bike bills” are working their way through City Council.  On Wednesday, the Land Use and Transportation Committee heard testimony and agency reports on Bill #10-0522 (Bike Parking in New and Expanded Developments) and Bill #09-0429 (Bike Parking for Employees)

Bill #10-0522 has already passed the Planning Commission and will go to 2nd reader after some very minor amendments.  “Safe and secure” bike parking will be amended to include a more descriptive definition of the area for which bikes are to be parked:  accessible, well-lite.  Kansas City has some decent text we’re going to adapt.

Bill #09-0429 lays out that any business with 10 or more employees, occupying over 10,000 square feet will provide bike parking for employees.   Until this reader, the city government was exempt from this rule.  Councilmember Mary Pat Clarke, who introduced these bills, amended the bill so that the city government would not be immune from this new law:  “We will lead by example….We’re all in this together”

On Friday, November 5th, the Community Development Subcommittee will hear Bill #09-0176R  The Cyclists’ Bill of Rights and Bill #09-0433 Street & Transportation Projects – Complete Streets at noon in the City Council Chambers.  These are the last 2 bike bills (for now) working their way through the legislative process!

  • duderino

    I have a question though: with respects to Bill#09-0429, do the mandatory bike parking spots have to be outside? I bring my bike into my office because it’s safer and we have the space, would that satisfy the bill’s requirements?

  • Nate Evans

    Yes, inside parking will satisfy the bills requirement.



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