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Bike Parking at Convention Center

November 28th, 2011 | Categories: Parking | 2 comments

For years, visitors to our fair city have asked where to park their bikes at the convention center.  While the fence along Howard Street was the closest place to lock a bike, it certainly wasn’t a formal place to park nor was it inviting to cyclists. 

This morning, a new red bike rack appeared at the corner of Howard & Pratt Sts.  Definitely an eye-catching bike rack on a main corridor into downtown.  Given the location, another rack or two like this could be needed.

  • agnellvj

    There is another rack around the corner by the garage area for the convention center by the guard shack.

  • Justin Winokur

    I was just at a convention this past week and I was wondering about where to park my bike. I can walk there from my apartment and I did that for most of the conference but the day I had to bike, I ended up on a sign near the taxis where I thought my bike was kinda in the way. It’s nice to see this addition, even if it is a week too late for my personal use.

    Also, I like the artistic racks around town, It adds to the culture in my opinion and makes bike racks less of an afterthought.



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