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November 2nd, 2010 | Categories: Events | 1 comment

Sure, its a little chilly this morning but don’t let that keep you away from the polls! I’m fortunate to have the day off (which is relative since I will end up doing work later on today) so after some morning coffee I pedaled over to my polling place and cast my ballot. By biking, I was able to avoid many of the last minute vote solicitors that positioned themselves strategically between the parking lot & school entrance.  (I did pedal back to say ‘hello’ to my friends out there with steaming coffee in gloved hands)  Thanks to an old galvanized bike rack, I had the closest parking spot the entrance.

As an unaffiliated/independent voter, I only get to vote ONCE every other year so when I am permitted to vote, I jump at the chance!  This is a critical year in determining the direction our country will take for the next 2 years.  Just as important, the results from today will determine the direction our state and counties  take for the next FOUR years.  Today you have the opportunity to determine which direction it will be!


  • John S

    I biked to my polling place (which is on my normal commute to the train station), and started to lock my bike to the fence along the parking lot when one of the volunteers waved me over and told me to leave my bike against the fence at the door, where he’d watch it. Even where I had planned to lock it I would’ve had the best parking space of the day, but thanks to his generosity, it was even closer–I didn’t even have to take the time to lock it up!



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