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Bike Lanes Come to Perry Hall

June 6th, 2013 | Categories: Infrastructure | 9 comments

130523 7 Courts 017

Baltimore County recently installed bike lanes on Seven Courts Drive in Perry Hall.   What was once a 4 lane speedway through a residential area with elementary school and senior center, traffic speeds have greatly reduced thanks to a road diet.   North of Seven Oaks Elementary, additional roadway space that was once used for illegal curbside passing, is now a bike lane with full time parking (above).

130523 7 Courts 023Like any other jurisdiction new to installing bike lanes, Baltimore County also has a minor fix needed.  Instead of dropping the bike lane with bikes and cars merging before Joppa Road, this bike lane diverts sharply into the curb.

  • Bike Blaze Guy

    Where do the lanes start?

  • B’more Bikes

    Neves Ct to Proctor Lane

  • Kolo Jezdec

    Actually it is hard to call this a bike lane. There are no signs and no road markings indicating a bike lane. The lane is well within the ‘door zone’ of parked cars. Cars regularly drive in this so-called bike lane to pass cars making a left off of Seven Courts and drivers seem to believe the 3 foot law does not apply if there is a ‘bike lane.’ I would advise you travel in this lane at your own risk.

  • kolo jezdec

    Fact is, in the top photo, you can clearly see a car traveling in the ‘bike lane.’

  • B’more Bikes

    …which is pretty standard for new bike lanes worldwide. Looks like the county has more work planned (signs, markings) along with a ped crossing at the school taking the bike lane into consideration.

  • Kolo Jezdec

    I suppose you are right. But when news of the lane changes were first released back in February, I questioned Baltimore County Councilperson David Marks about maybe putting bike lanes on Seven Courts. He responded that there were “no plans in the immediate future” to have bike lanes, and asserted that the new markings were a “traffic calming” strategy. There were similar lines a few years ago on Kilbride Road (also in Perry Hall) with no signs or markings. When the road was repaved, the lanes were never repainted.

    At any rate, we will wait and see what happens.

  • Kolo Jezdec

    Rode through here yesterday. Bike lane is marked (sparsely) and no signage yet. Be careful if you ride through here as I saw many drivers using the bike lane to pass on the right.

  • Ted

    Just read something about bltmores proposed bikeshare not being safe becausr we dont have enough bike lanes. What routes should be a priority before we get a system in place?

  • Cranky Ryder

    ALL non-interstates roads, but really Pratt, Lombard, Baltimore, Fayette, Charles, Edmondson, Orleans, Monument, Madison, Eutaw, Eastern, Fleet, Aliceanna, Boston, Light, Calvert, St. Paul, Greene, Paca, Conway, Washington Blvd…



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