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April 23rd, 2011 | Categories: Unique Bikes | 1 comment

Why is it every time I go down the ocean, I see cool and unique bikes?  Oh yeah, cuz its flat, easy to ride and pretty laid back.

Unlocked bike in downtown Stockton

On our way down to Chincoteague, we took Route 12 along the backroads of the Eastern Shore.  Passing through Stockton, MD I saw this bike sitting unlocked against a post accepting time have its way with it.  The bike was slowly rusting and collecting thatch in its baskets.  Birds were probably nesting here on their migratory routes.

Pop-a-top while you're pedaling

While my brother gave us a guided tour of the backroads of Chincoteague, we stopped at a park where I saw this bike.  Sure, nothing fancy, a standard Panama Jack beach cruiser, but the bottle opener on the fork sold me.


For those looking for a more contraversial blog post, stay tuned….and Happy Easter!

  • Bobwag

    Imagine all the other places you might find a bottle opener- at a bar, in a pocket, hanging off a key chain, hell- i’ve seen people who’ve put them in their cars. None of them are anywhere close to a cool as that beauty, mounted like a victorian ornament on that fork. Great spotting. -BobWag



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