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Balto Metro Council Gets Bike Parking

October 28th, 2011 | Categories: Parking | 2 comments

Contributed by Heather Strassberger

That’s right, Baltimore’s regional transportation planning agency has finally acquired bicycle parking, just over a year after moving into its new office space. Bicyclists can now attend meetings and advocate for their causes before the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board with a sense of relative security and convenience. There are now two bike parking areas in the parking garage by the Offices @ McHenry Row.  The visitor’s parking is located in the garage at the end that faces the office building (See Picture at left)

Unfortunately the location of these racks may be a bit problematic for wheelchair users parking in the two ADA spaces on the far side, but one of those spaces already didn’t have a fully accessible path before the racks were installed. As you can see, one of the racks has already been claimed by a motorized scooter, but that’s temporary. The other bike commuter in the building is recovering from an injury and has to ride her other bike for a while.

 There’s also employee parking for the offices, which will eventually have a gate and be accessible only with an employee’s building access card. For now, meeting attendees can park there and if you find your bike locked in because they built the gate during your meeting, I’ll help you get it out.

McHenry Row is also installing bike parking for apartment tenants and, presumably, shoppers by the time the retail stores open.

  • Bruce

    Is this at 111 South Calvert Street?

    How do those wall mount rack work? Do they have an integrated locking system, or must we bring our own locks? If the latter, what kind of locks? If we are to bring our own locks, could we see a close up photo of how the lock interfaces with the rack?

  • Heather

    No, it’s in the McHenry Row development of Fort Ave in Locust Point. BMC just moved there about a year ago. Before that, they were in Canton.

    The Dero Space Saver rack does not have an integrated locking system, but will work with any normal u-lock (probably even the mini ones with most bikes). You hang your bike on a hook and then secure it to the rack.



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