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Baltimore’s First ‘Crossbike’

June 28th, 2011 | Categories: Infrastructure | Post Comment

Crossbike at the corner of Bank St & Patterson Park Ave

With the Southeast Bike Network being installed, a problematic area was the intersection of Bank St and Patterson Park Avenue:  how do we show bikes (travelling eastbound in the roadway) access to Patterson Park while guiding pedestrians from the sidewalk to the same sidewalk ramp?

The original design included a crosswalk which extended to the middle of the intersection to show that bikes in the roadway would be in the intersection.  After being installed, pedestrians complained that the intersection markings were confusing and that the crosswalk directed peds towards oncoming Bank St. traffic.

The solution was a crossbike – a pavement marking treatment that guides cyclists through intersections.  Used in other cities across the U.S., this is Baltimore’s first crossbike.  It clearly marks where eastbound, on-street bike traffic may transition to the sidewalk leading into Patterson Park.  The separate crosswalk clearly shows the pedestrian connection between the sidewalks.



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