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Baltimore’s Diverse Cyclists Ride The Warmer Weather

February 23rd, 2014 | Categories: People | 2 comments

As the brutal winter of 2014 showed signs of waning yesterday, people took advantage of the semi-springlike temps to get on their bikes. On a leisure ride myself yesterday, the following people on bikes were observed:

If all these riders are out in late February, this bodes well for Baltimore’s 2014 riding season

  • Kolo Jezdec

    I was in the Chase.Oliver Beach area yesterday, saw several riders out. I rode the circuit in Gunpowder Fall SP (Hammerman Area) several times, at least 3 other cyclists doing the same. Rode in the White Marsh/Joppa area today, saw maybe a dozen cyclist in about 2 hours of riding.

  • B’more Bikes

    That’s some relaxing riding around Hammerman. Some quieter residential streets with views of the water as well. In White Marsh, Red Lion Road is a fun (and cleaner) alternative to Route 40



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