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Baltimore Bike Traffic Continues Upward Trend

May 27th, 2011 | Categories: Programs | 3 comments

From May 10th through May12th, 34 volunteers took to the streets of Baltimore to verify the city’s bicycle traffic.  This season’s bike counts took place at the usual locations of Falls & Maryland, Guilford & Mt. Royal, Aliceanna & Boston and Frederick & Gwynns Falls Trail.  DOT expanded the count locations to include new and proposed bike facilities such as St. Paul & Centre, Fleet & President, Keswick & Wyman Park and Frederick & Athol.  Bike parked at Penn Station were also counted.

Overall, bike traffic increased at these locations by 0.5-2% compared to September 2010.  That’s a significant increase in just 8 months considering bike traffic nationwide is typically higher in September compared to May.  The biggest increase was at Guilford & Mt. Royal which saw a 9% increase!  This intersection is due for major bicycle improvements over the coming year with the Guilford Ave Bicycle Boulevard project and the Jones Falls Trail (Phase II) construction.

These recent bike counts provided DOT with vital information to help improve bike access.

Thanks again to our many VOLUNTEERS for taking time out of their schedule to count bikes!   Tracking the city’s progress through traffic counts can not be done without you!   The next round of bike counts will happen July 5th – 7th.

  • Anna Ricklin

    These numbers are so exciting to see! Go Baltimore!

  • Christopher Boyle

    Maybe Penn Station needs more bike racks? Are they any at Camden Station, I’ve never looked.

  • Nate Evans

    Yes, Camden has bike racks.  It would appear that Penn Station does need more & improved parking



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