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Baltimore Bike Map ONLINE

June 16th, 2010 | Categories: Programs | 4 comments

The BALTIMORE BIKE MAP has been available to the public for one month.  While DOT has received a great deal of positive feedback on the map, it’s time to tell us what you REALLY think.

The map is now available online where you can comment on what routes are good, what roads need to be re-evaluated for bikes and what lesser known areas need to be highlighted.

These comments will be incorporated into the next version of the map!

Thanks for your input!

  • TM

    It's strange to have all of these short disconnected sections that are recommended to be “safe” to ride. We need to fill in the blanks, either by adding bike lines or just adding signage and using the roads frequently. If bikers are going to stick to certain routes, these routes need to cover the city in every direction.

    Why does Lombard have a green line? It is almost impossible to even drive on that street. We usually take Fayette instead when heading west. If it is eventually going to have a bike lane, the online version of the map could have a “coming soon” color code.

    Falls road should definitely be marked as a shared road as it is next to park areas and many bikers and joggers use it. It would be great to get cars off of that road completely.
    Also, Keswick is good all the way up to University Parkway.

  • Nate Evans

    Thanks for the feedback, TM – We're working to get the city covered into one connected bike network. It's going to take some time.

    Lombard St will have a shared bike & bus lane similar to Pratt St which will be completed by summer's end. All the “existing” bike routes through Park Heights and Southeast will be existing come fall.

  • LM

    Will the Lombard bike/bus lane be repaved? Past Gay St., the condition of Lombard is terrible. Having a designated bike lane would only solve half the problem.

    In general I am skeptical of the usability of a Lombard lane. The traffic patterns, especially double left turn lanes, force traffic to the right. Pratt St. was completely rideable prior to the bike lane, Lombard is not.

    I live near U of MD medical center and Lombard is the most direct route home I could take, but Fayette is much safer, easier to ride, and much more enjoyable. Even if a Lombard bike lane was introduced, I would probably continue to take Fayette and recommend others do the same.

  • Nate Evans

    Lombard will get fresh asphalt once the grinding is complete – sometime within the next month or so.

    I like riding Fayette as well – I can easily ride the left lane even in rush hour



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